Here are some of the architects and builders who have left an architectural legacy in Greater Victoria. Please note that this page is a work in progress and we will be adding more names and links to it in the near future.

Samuel Buttrey Birds (1871-1960)

Thomas Catterall

Alexander Charles Ewart

Milo S. Farwell

Percy Fox

Henry Sandham Griffith 

Leonard W. Hargreaves

Thomas Hooper

Samuel Hault Horton

Douglas James

Percy Leonard James

John Charles Malcolm Keith (1858-1940)

Richard Lewis

Samuel Maclure

George Mesher

George Charles Mesher

Alexander Maxwell Muir

Francis Mawson Rattenbury

Harold Joseph Rous Cullen

Thomas Charles Sorby

John Teague ( 1902)

John Gerhard Tiarks (1867-1901)

Herman Otto Tiedemann

Charles Elwood Watkins

William Tuff Whiteway

Warren Heywood Williams (1844-1888)

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