Here are some of the architects and builders who have left an architectural legacy in Greater Victoria. Please note that this page is a work in progress and we will be adding more names and links to it in the near future.

David H. Bale

  • Argos
  • 1127 Fort Street

Samuel Buttrey Birds (1871-1960)

Thomas Catterall

Henry Sandham Griffith 

Samuel Hault Horton

Samuel Maclure

Thomas Hooper

John Charles Malcolm Keith (1858-1940)

Richard Lewis

John Teague ( 1902)

  • Reformed Episcopal Church, 626 Blanshard Street. Built 1875-76 for Edward Cridge.
  • Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

John Gerhard Tiarks (1867-1901)

Charles Elwood Watkins

William Tuff Whiteway

Warren Heywood Williams (1844-1888)

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