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St. Charles Street – 1000 Block

1041 St. Charles Street

1041 St. Charles Street was designed and built in 1907 by architect Samuel Maclure for Charles Fox Todd (1856-1941) and Louisa Todd (nee Norris; 1860-1930) at an estimated 1907 construction cost of $16,000.

The exterior and interiors of 1041 St. Charles Street were Heritage Designated in 1980. This house is considered one of Samuel Maclure‘s leading designs.

St. Charles Street, Illahie, built in 1907 by architect Samuel Maclure for Charles and Louisa Todd. (photo by Victoria Online Sightseeing)

Here’s a map showing the location of 1041 St. Charles Street.

A Brief History of 1041 St. Charles Street

In 1907 architect Samuel Maclure was commissioned to design this house for Charles Fox Todd, who ran J.H. Todd & Sons, the family fish canning business. The company’s Horseshoe Brand canned salmon was sold world wide, with Britain being the largest importer.

In 1910, Charles Todd’s son, William Charles Todd, married Mary Chatwin Butchart, the daughter of Robert and Jennie Butchart (of Butchart Gardens), in a ceremony held in the gardens of Illahie. William and Mary Todd then moved into the house Samuel Maclure had designed for them across the street at 942-944 St. Charles Street.

Charles Fox Todd lived here until his death in 1941. After his death the house was converted into six rental apartments and renamed the Villa St. Charles Apartments.

It has been apartments since then. It is currently divided into seven rental apartments, operating under the name The Illahie Heritage Residences. Here are some current photos of the interior.

Additional Information on 1041 St. Charles Street

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