Downtown Victoria Tour – Yates Street

Yates Street – 700 Block

Dalton Rocket – originally the Dominion Hotel

This City of Victoria Heritage Building at 755-765 Yates Street was originally built in 1890 as the Dominion Hotel.

It was listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places in 1995.

The Dalton Rocket, originally the Dominion Hotel, 759 Yates Street

Here is a map showing the location of the Dalton Rocket, 759 Yates Street:

The Dalton Rocket condominiums, originally the Dominion Hotel, 759 Yates Street

Additional Information About 759 Yates Street, the Dominion Rocket

  • Assessed Value (July 2016): $14,793,000; Land $5,387,000 Buildings $9,406,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2015): $13,757,000; Land $4,644,000 Buildings $9,113,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2014): $8,500,000; Land $4,388,000 Buildings $4,112,000
  • Canadian Register of Historic Places – formally recognized in 1995, listed in 2009.

A Brief History of 759 Yates Street

The Dominion Hotel, the Dalton Hotel and the Dominon Rocket

A hotel, the What Cheer House, was first built on this site in 1862. The first Dominion Hotel was established on this site by Stephen Jones in 1876.

In 1890 the Dominion Hotel was taken over by Stephen Jones’ son, also named Stephen Jones, who demolished the original Dominion Hotel building, a wooden structure, and replaced it with a larger brick building.

Additions were made to the Dominion Hotel in 1898, 1907 and 1913.

The fourth storey was added by architect Thomas Hooper in 1907. In 1913 Thomas Hooper designed and added the western three bays of the Dominion Hotel, bringing the building to its present dimensions.

The Dominion Hotel was operated as a hotel until 2013. In its later years it operated under the name Dalton Hotel.

Between 2013 and 2015 the Dalton Hotel was renovated into the Dominion Rocket, a 97 unit apartment building consisting primarily of bachelor and studio apartments with 12 one bedroom apartments.

Here are links to some historic photos of the Dominion Hotel:

The Dominion Hotel in 1893 (Victoria Online Sightseeing Tours collection)

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