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Yates Street – 500 Block
550-554 Yates Street

550-554 Yates Street was originally built in 1883 as the Oriental Hotel. The western half of the building was added in 1888. Both the 1883 original building and the 1888 addition were designed by architect John Teague.

It is listed on the Canadian Register of Historic Places as the Oriental Hotel.

550-554 Yates Street, originally built in 1883 as the Oriental Hotel

550-554 Yates Street, originally built in 1883 as the Oriental Hotel

Additional Information About 550-554 Yates Street

A Brief History of 550-554 Yates Street

This eastern portion of this building was built as the Oriental Hotel in 1883 and the western portion was added in 1888. The architect for both portions of the building was John Teague.

The Daily Colonist reported the original 1883 building as:

“William McKeon

[note: the original owner] – The new Oriental Hotel on Yates Street. This is a brick hotek of three stories with thirty feet frontage and one hundred and twenty-two feet deep. The front is supported on arches resting on an iron column, and bay windows run through the upper two stories. On the ground floor are ladies’ and gentlemen’s dining saloons, in rear of which is a commodious kitchen furnished with one of Hill’s ranges, broiler etc. Further back still is a bake house furnished with oven etc, also storerooms, pantrys, etc. On the upper two flats there are about forty bedrooms, each furnished with a fire place and closets. The house is fitted with water and gas, and will be handsomely furnished. The front is surmounted by a handsome pediment and flagpole, and ts general design is light and effective. Architect, Mr. John Teague, carpenter work, Smith & Clark, mason and plaster work, H, Carroll, cut stone, Mr. Phillips, plumbing, Stewart & Braden, painting and glazing, Lettice & Sears, iron work, Albion Iron Works.”

The building is now divided into 35 condominiums.

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