Historic Victoria Advertisements

As part of our series on Historic Victoria Advertisements, Buildings, here is a 1947 advertisement for, and news story about, the new Kelly-Douglas warehouse and office at 1810 Store Street, now 1800 Store Street.

1947 newspaper photo of the then newly opened Kelly Douglas & Co. Ltd. office and warehouse at 1810 Store Street.

1947 newspaper photo of the then newly opened Kelly Douglas & Co. Ltd. office and warehouse at 1810 Store Street.

Here is photo showing the current appearance of 1810 (now 1800) Store Street:

1800 Store Street, originally built in 1947

1800 Store Street, originally built in 1947

Here is the 1947 local newspaper story about the opening of the Kelly Douglas & Co. office and warehouse at 1800 Store Street:

“Electricity Opens Sliding Doors At Modern Warehouse In City

Official opening of the new Kelly Douglas & Co. Ltd. warehouse on Store Street took place yesterday afternoon with several high company officials in attendance.

Present from Vancouver to entertain local dignitaries were F.M. Kelly, president, and R.R. Arkell, general manager and vice-president.

The company has operated in Victoria and throughout Vancouver Island since 1910 when the first branch offices were opened at Victoria and New Westminster. Today there are 14 branches in British Columbia and five on the Prairies. manager of the new branch is John Baird.

The newly constructed warehouse here will enable distribution of food at greater speed and efficiency than before. Covering an area of 221 feet by 200 feet the entire structure is built of reinforced concrete above a partial basement.

Entire operation of the warehouse, which is a task of moving goods, has been streamlined and mechanized. Betwen inbound freight cars, packing and storage rooms, goods can be moved backwards and forwards, in and out, completely by mechanical means.

A specially constructed railway spur is being built, allowing freight cars to be unloaded simultaneously. The shipping dock and entrance to the main warehouse is protected by a wire mesh. Throughout the entire building sprinkling systems have been installed. Electrically operated doors and florescent lighting are other features. Two semi-trailers for operation in Victoria are on order. Administrational facilities are of the latest design.

A large dining room and coffee bar is provided for the staff and visitors.

The firm recently granted to the University of British Columbia a scholarship to be known as the Nabob Scholarship [note: Kelly-Douglas was a distributor of Nabob Coffee] for the propagation of quality food manufacturing and technological studies.”

Kelly Douglas & Co. is now a subsidiary of Loblaws. Here are some websites with more information about Kelly Douglas & Co.

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