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Fort Street – 800 Block

825 Fort Street

This three storey commercial building was built in 1911-12 and was Heritage Designated in 1987.

Here is a map showing the location of 825 Fort Street:

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Additional Information About 825 Fort Street:

  • Assessed Value (July 2018): $4,672,000; Land $3,901,000, Buildings $771,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2017): $4,256,000; Land $3,485,000, Buildings $771,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2016): $3,500,000; Land $3,300,000, Buildings $200,000
  • Sold on 15 April 2016 for $,3,500,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2015): $4,204,000; Land $3,466,000, Buildings $738,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2014): $4,161,000; Land $3,439,000, Buildings $722,000
  • Hallmark Society
  • Victoria Heritage Foundation

A Brief History of 825 Fort Street

This three storey building was built in 1911-12 for an estimated construction cost of $13,500. According to the original building permit, issued by the City of Victoria in October 1911, the owners were listed as “Randall & Greenshaw.” In 1912 the new building was first occupied by the B.C. Hardware Company, which only occupied it until 1913 before moving to another location.

The building soon re-opened as the Borden Hotel, which appears to have operated until 1921-22. The building seems to have been vacant from 1922-25 but, in 1925, it was taken over by the Home Furniture Company, which occupied it until 1974. Home Furniture also used the adjacent building to the west at 823 Fort Street.

In 1947, Home Furniture built the adjacent building to the east at 827 Fort Street as an addition to its existing store at 825 Fort Street. The Daily Colonist described the combined buildings as “one of the largest and most modern furniture stores in Western Canada.”

Home Furniture closed down in the early 1970’s. In the 1980’s new owners restored 825 Fort Street back to its original appearance, winning a Hallmark Society award for this restoration in 1989.  825 Fort Street was Heritage Designated in 1987.

For additional historical information on 825 Fort Street, see Victoria Heritage Foundation.

Here are links to some historic photographs of 825 Fort Street:

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