The City of Victoria maintains a Heritage Register, a list of buildings or other properties which are deemed to possess sufficient architectural, historical or cultural value to make them worthy of preservation by the City of Victoria. Here is the current City of Victoria Heritage Register (note-PDF).

Buildings on the Heritage Register are deemed either Heritage Register or Heritage Designated.

Heritage Register – a building on the Heritage Register is listed because it may have sufficient heritage value to warrant future preservation action by the City of Victoria.

Heritage Register status does not give formal protection to a site but it provides a system for Victoria City Council to review and evaluate any proposed alterations, renovations, additions or other proposed changes to buildings of heritage value.

A proposal to demolish or alter a Heritage Register building is referred to Victoria City Council and the Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) to determine whether a Heritage Designation bylaw may be required to protect the property.

Heritage Designated – A Heritage Designation property is protected by a municipal Heritage Designation Bylaw and may not be altered or demolished without approval of Victoria City Council.

For more information on Victoria Heritage Registry buildings and properties:

Other Greater Victoria municipalities have similar Heritage Registry programs. For more information see:

Other Vancouver Island municipalities and Regional Districts also have Heritage Register programs:

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