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Ross Bay Cemetery

Ross Bay Cemetery was laid out and landscaped in 1872 for the City of Victoria by local architect and landscaper, Edward Mallandaine, Jr.

It was opened for interments in 1873 and replaced Pioneer Square (formerly the Quadra Steet Burial Ground) at Quadra Street between Rockland Avenue and Meares Street, as Victoria’s primary cemetery. Interments in Pioneer Square largely ceased when Ross Bay Cemetery was opened in 1873.

Ross Bay Cemetery is still owned and operated by the City of Victoria. Unlike most local private cemeteries, which require tombstones to be flat to the ground for ease of maintenance, Ross Bay Cemetery allows larger funerary monuments and statuary, which we think gives Ross Bay Cemetery a distinctive character lacking in most local private cemeteries.

Here is a map showing the location of Ross Bay Cemetery:

Here is a Google Street View image of one the Ross Bay Cemetery entrances on Fairfield Road:

Many of Victoria’s pioneer citizens are buried in Ross Bay Cemetery. Here are the people buried in Ross Bay Cemetery who we have included on the site so far:

The grave of Richard Lewis in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, B.C.

The grave of Richard Lewis in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria, B.C.

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