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Rockland Avenue

1322 Rockland Avenue was designed and built in 1894 by architect William Ridgway Wilson for Hewitt Bostock (1864-1930) and Lizzie Bostock (nee Cowie; 1867-1942) at an estimated construction cost of $15,000.

1322 Rockland Avenue

1322 Rockland Avenue

Here is a map showing the location of 1322 Rockland Avenue:

Here is a Google Street View image of 1322 Rockland Avenue:

Additional Information About 1322 Rockland Avenue

  • Assessed Value (July 2019): $3,832,000; Land $2,549,000; Buildings $1,283,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2018): $4,160,000; Land $2,841,000; Buildings $1,319,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2017): $3,939,000; Land $2,535,000; Buildings $1,404,000
  • Assessed Value (July 2016): $3,790,000; Land $2,112,000; Buildings $1,678,000
  • Victoria Heritage Foundation

Hewitt Bostock was a rancher who also served as a Member of Parliament. and a Senator. He became Speaker of the Senate

Here is some more information about 1322 Rockland Avenue and Hewitt Bostock:

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